Frank Amador

Colors And Shapes Inspire Me…

Frank Amador is a contemporary visual Artist who lives and works in Southern California, United States of America. He grew up in a smart and educated family (doctors, nurses, and engineers). Amador’s mother has very influenced him in art because when he grew up watching his mother draw flowers on notebooks and napkins. Also, one of his uncles who is an engineer lets Amador use his mechanical pencils, rules, and desk to draw. When Amador was four years old, he started to trace the babies who were on the boxes of babies’ diapers. After when he was in middle school, he started making murals in his classmate’s rooms. Saint Seiya’s characters were the subjects of his first murals in Mexico City because they were popular in Amador’s middle school time. Amador studied International Business in Mexico City, although Fine Art is his true passion. Painting is a need and a pleasure for Amador.


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